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Modern Slavery

Modern Slavery Statement: Divine Tattooz


Divine Tattooz is committed to ethical practices and ensuring that our business operates in a manner that upholds human rights, including the prevention of modern slavery. This document outlines our approach to identifying and addressing modern slavery within our operations and supply chain. We recognize the importance of promoting transparency, accountability, and responsible business practices.

Our Business

Divine Tattooz is a reputable tattoo studio based in West London, specifically Hounslow, known for its commitment to artistic excellence and customer satisfaction. As a business, we acknowledge the potential risks associated with modern slavery and human trafficking and are dedicated to taking proactive steps to mitigate such risks.

Our Policies

1. Anti-Slavery Policy
   - Divine Tattooz has established a comprehensive Anti-Slavery Policy that clearly communicates our commitment to eradicating modern slavery.
   - The policy outlines the responsibilities of employees, suppliers, and contractors in identifying and preventing modern slavery.

2. Supplier Code of Conduct
   - Divine Tattooz requires all suppliers and business partners to adhere to a stringent Supplier Code of Conduct.
   - This code includes provisions related to fair labour practices, ethical sourcing, and compliance with all applicable laws, including those related to modern slavery.

Risk Assessment

1. Supply Chain Mapping
   - We conduct regular assessments of our supply chain to identify potential risks of modern slavery.
   - Our supply chain mapping includes a thorough analysis of all suppliers and contractors, emphasizing transparency and accountability.

2. High-Risk Regions
   - We recognize that certain regions may have a higher risk of modern slavery.
   - Our risk assessments prioritize these regions, ensuring enhanced scrutiny and due diligence in our engagements with suppliers from such areas.

Due Diligence

1. Supplier Audits
   - Divine Tattooz conducts regular audits of key suppliers to assess their compliance with our ethical standards.
   - These audits include on-site visits, interviews with workers, and a review of employment documentation to ensure fair labour practices.

2. Contractual Obligations
   - All contracts with suppliers and business partners explicitly state Divine Tattooz's expectations regarding compliance with anti-slavery regulations.

   - Non-compliance may result in the termination of contracts or further legal action.

Training and Awareness

1. Employee Training
   - Our employees undergo regular training on recognizing and preventing modern slavery.
   - Training sessions emphasize the importance of ethical sourcing, fair labour practices, and reporting mechanisms for any suspicions or concerns.

2. Supplier Engagement
   - We work collaboratively with our suppliers to raise awareness about modern slavery and encourage them to implement robust anti-slavery measures within their own operations.

Reporting Mechanisms

1. Whistleblowing Policy
   - Divine Tattooz has established a Whistleblowing Policy that encourages employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders to report any instances or suspicions of modern slavery.

 - The policy guarantees protection for whistle-blowers and outlines the procedure for reporting concerns.

2. Transparent Communication
   - We maintain open communication channels with employees and suppliers, fostering a culture of transparency and accountability.
   - Regular updates on our anti-slavery efforts are provided to all stakeholders.

Continuous Improvement

1. Performance Monitoring
   - Divine Tattooz monitors key performance indicators related to our anti-slavery efforts.
   - This includes the number of reported concerns, supplier compliance levels, and the outcomes of audits.

2. Adaptation to Legislation
   - We stay informed about changes in legislation related to modern slavery and adjust our policies and practices accordingly.
   - Continuous legal compliance ensures that our efforts align with evolving standards.


At Divine Tattooz, we believe in the power of ethical business practices to create positive change. Our commitment to eradicating modern slavery extends throughout our operations and supply chain. By fostering a culture of accountability, conducting thorough risk assessments, and engaging in continuous improvement, we strive to set an example for responsible business conduct in the tattoo industry. This document reflects our dedication to transparency and the values that define Divine Tattooz as a socially responsible business.

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